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From the primitive ruggedness of the Amazon rainforest to the privileged society of New York, three generations experience triumph and struggle. Inspired by the protagonist of A Goddess Among Men, the collection reflects passages of Christel's journey.

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| Strings of New York |

The Christel Welch Collection

"Most women who’d been used like Christel were either dead or living in precarious conditions. They posed no threat to their former abusers. She was the exception. Yet, decades had passed, and Christel had never sought revenge, despite all of her money and influence. If she came to them now, she would have the element of surprise on her side. Everything, in fact, conspired in her favor."

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| Dilemmas |

The Christel Welch Collection

"She stopped at every corner of the house for short moments. Everett saw her and figured she was trying to decipher him through his art choices. He reminded himself that Christel was beginning to experience the world outside of her controllers. Everett didn’t want to disappoint her. Last time he did, she went missing for twenty-one years."

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| Nest of Swords |

The Christel Welch Collection

“Yes, but in New York, insects shake your hand, take you out for dinner, smile, and cleverly patronize you. They can be likable, unfathomable beasts. You fall in love with them, dream with them, and learn to trust them no matter how smart you think you are. And when you least expect it, they’ll not only go for your testicles, but they’ll pointedly aim at your jugular. They may not use spears like our tribal friends, but their pens are mighty and tempting.”

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I'm a fiction author passionately attracted to sensitive themes and unusual ideas. People are generous.-----Novels: From The Nile to The Euphrates (2009), Mare Crisium (2015), A Higher Power (2016), The Karma Code (2017), Leave Her Out, a 2018 Readers' Favorite Book Award Finalist, and A Goddess Among Men (2020).



Readers who enjoy literary-style writing, but with all the turns and twists of a full drama plot are certain to devour this lavish and exciting work by author Daniel Davidsohn. A Goddess Among Men is a very enjoyable work and is not to be missed by fans of high-quality writing and accomplished drama.

K.C. FinnAuthor of The Mind's Eye

Davidsohn's engrossing and electrifying thriller, Leave Her Out, lends ironic freshness to a story where all the characters are flawed, but who are also merely human in their wants and needs and positive intentions. But it is the incredibly unpredictable plotting and unusual situations that will most beguile any veteran of thriller reading. Davidsohn keeps his twists so credible that one wonders why he does not see them coming, as if they are just the most natural next thing to happen. Very difficult to categorize or compare this book, you see. If you are in the mood for something quite unique in a rather over-worked genre, Leave Her Out will thoroughly satisfy your craving

Joel R. DennstedtAuthor of When Dolls Talk

Daniel Davidsohn has a writing style that is smooth, fluid, and compelling. I found this story impossible to put down and completed it in just one sitting. The author’s descriptive prose of especially the rainforest, its flora, and fauna, as well as its native peoples, transported me there. If you like stories of generational power and wealth, this one will be right up your alley. I thoroughly enjoyed A Goddess Among Men and can highly recommend it to a wide audience.

Grant LeishmanAuthor of Just a Drop in the Ocean

The writing is crafted skillfully, especially as the characters move forward, decades at a time. The plot also has dramatic shifts, engaging the reader throughout the novel. This book is a page-turner, a very compelling read. Author Daniel Davidsohn has written a gripping, complex novel in A Goddess Among Men.

Deborah LoydAuthor of Believe and it is True

Believable characters and the unfortunate probability of events make this an entertaining read, crafted by the succinct words, narrative, and descriptions of Davidsohn's masterful writing. As a reader and a citizen of what we hope is an untarnished nation, Leave Her Out provides food for thought and unanswered questions into the reality of government. Praise for this political thriller.

Lisa McCombsAuthor

Before readers start hurtling toward the last page of Leave Her Out, Davidsohn gives them quite a look up the staircase to the top and behind the closed doors of high political office. It's not a comforting sight, but it sure makes for great reading, along with a fast-moving plot and psychological thrills. Oh, there's some romance too, just to keep everything in balance. Well done, Mr. Davidsohn!

Viga BolandAuthor

Davidsohn fills his pages with car chases, near misses, and startling violence that keep readers' adrenaline pumping, while he involves their intellects with a compelling proposition. The author's plot is intricately woven. His characters, both good guys and bad, seem real, human, vulnerable, and refreshingly devoid of superpowers--well, physical superpowers anyway. Davidsohn has a cinematic style that keeps things tense, taught, and once the game's afoot, terminally in high gear. If you've got a thing for thrillers, you'll likely enjoy breaking The Karma Code.

Joe KilgoreAuthor

Dollars, dueling egos, and a little psychic intrigue make this a refreshing addition to the thriller genre. Action, intrigue, and globe-trotting plot twists make Daniel Davidsohn's debut thriller, A Higher Power, an engaging and dramatic look at the dark side of living the high life. Thriller and espionage fans will find much to enjoy.

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Dollars, dueling egos, and a little psychic intrigue make this a refreshing addition to the thriller genre.



Author's new book A Goddess Among Men receives a warm literary welcome.



Tantor Media has acquired the global rights to A Higher Power, with P. J. Ochaln, an Audie Award-nominated voice behind it.

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